Smartphone Repair in Vilnius, Fabijoniškės, Šeškinė

We perform high-quality multifunctional repairs for mobile/smartphone and provide warranty for the carried out services.

Services that we provide:

Replace broken screens
Replace broken screen glass
Replace old batteries
Replace damaged microphones/speakers
Repair water damaged telephones
Repair damaged phone hardware
Repair damaged motherboards
Repair/replace charging sockets
Reinstall Android, iOS operating systems
Other types of repairs

We work professionally providing the best quality service for our clients. Only new original parts are used for repairs. We write invoices.

Vilnius, Stanevičiaus 32A, Fabijoniškės
(Shopping Center „KUBAS“)

Working hours:
I-V: 10:00 – 17:00
At weekend – by prior arrangement

℡. 8 636 43 321 || +370 636 43 321