Computer Repair in Vilnius, Fabijoniškės, Šeškinė

We perform high quality multifunctional repairs of all desktop (stationary) and laptop (notebook) computers and provide warranty for the carried out services.

Services that we provide:

Preparation of new computers for work
Installation and re-installation of the operating systems: Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 7
Installation of additional software
Data recovery from corrupted hardware
Removal of viruses and spyware programs
Cleaning computer cooling system
Computer dust cleaning and re-application
Insertion of additional RAM operative memory
Repair and sell keyboards, batteries, chargers
Repair damaged computer hardware
Repair motherboards
Repair power supply circuits
Replacement of broken sockets (USB, AUDIO, MIC, LAN, HDMI)
Replacement of broken screens (matrices)
Repair/replace broken parts
Other types of repairs

We work professionally providing the best quality service for our clients.

In Vilnius city we can come to you and take device to our workshop and return it after repair.
We write invoices.


Vilnius, Stanevičiaus 32A, Fabijoniškės
(Shopping Center „KUBAS“)

Working hours:
I-V: 10:00 – 17:00
At weekend – by prior arrangement

℡. 8 636 43 321 || +370 636 43 321